In Russia: Actions aimed at punishment of organizers and accomplices of Questra/AGAM scam and stopping the scammers’ activities

In Russia

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Plan of actions aimed at punishing Questra/AGAM scam organizers and accomplices and stopping their activities in Russia:

Collecting all data (videos, photos, explanations, all public and non-public information on the organizers and evidences of the scam, addresses and names) and compiling the data into a single document with printed photos, recorded videos and all data in a written form

 Identifying all competent authorities for submission of documents

 Sending all complaints and the package of documents to the headquarters of the competent authorities in Russia (the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Security Service, the Chief Prosecutor’s Office, the External Intelligence, the Financial Intelligence and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation) and head offices in Moscow

 Notifying the Russian government and competent authorities that citizens of Ukraine aided and abetted by citizens of the Russian Federation are engaged in fraud in the territory of the Russian Federation (throughout the whole territory of the Russian Federation taking into account the criminal group’s turnover)

 Sending all complaints and the package of documents to the embassy of Spain so that the above mentioned scam organizers are prohibited to move freely within the territory of the EU/Schengen area and commit their unlawful acts

 Incriminated creation of a pyramid scheme by an organized criminal group, large scale fraud, laundering of criminally obtained money, non-payment of taxes, illegal banking activity, use of shadow funds for committing and financing unlawful acts in the territory of the country, inspection for terrorism financing. Withdrawal of funds to Ukraine and abroad

 Publishing a photo report after implementation of all itemsшаблоны для dle 11.2


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